Currently closed, as my new list is filled, but in the mean time, you can figure out possible costs of possible commissions c:

Anonymous asked:
Official countdown to work on NSFW game celebration when your parents leave for vacation?

21st, around 5AM, they leave to catch the plan to florida. so they leave on a Saturday. They will be back on the next Sunday (8 days later). So that at least gives me 7 full days of my planed continued work on the game.

Anonymous asked:
Banned from making nsfw stuff

You can’t ban me O ^ O


Anonymous asked:
Hey When are you planing to release that Clop game with Vinyl And Neon and please release a demo for it please :)

When it’s done. If I had no bills and commissions, it would be done faster.

Anonymous asked:
Do you know how to cat?

With as much as I sleep, and lay around, I think I do XD



5 hours this time around, for 10 slots. not bad.

once I finish this one from the last list, I shall then get to work on this new one c:

activatoraaron asked:
Adagio Dazzle, Aria Blaze, or Sonata Dusk?

Sonata >w>

Anonymous asked:
Google Aneros size comparison for a picture. And you're supposed to use lube, Silly.

ooooooh, i’v seen pics of those before… They kinda look like mutated sperm to me XD

Anonymous asked:
Sort of a followup from the last ask, is there any reason you won't draw futa?

I think I said why, but I also think that was a while ago. like, months forever or something. um, in short terms, it’s kinda like with my thinking. it’s either, would I look up porn of it willingly, or would I like to be in that situation kinda thing. With futa, I would not have sex with, nor am I willing to look it up. Sure, there are maybe a very few rare pics I have liked, But those pics end up being story based, in the part that some magic is involved, or a potion is used. And if drawn in a way I like it, then I end up liking it. For me though, Just don’t feel like drawing the stuff. Plus, there are a shit ton of other artist that do it anyway, so i’ll leave the supply of futa to them.Hope that answers your question.

Anonymous asked:
Butt there's lots of heterosexual men that uses prostate stimulators. They're not even shaped like long johns. More like a cursive 't'.

The “t” sounds like it might actually hurt for some reason.