How are my sexy followers doing?

Enjoying the art?

getting enough sleep?

having enough pleasure? >w>

could be anything!

Fan Art Friday!

Got two artist’s that drew some Temptress!

RicePoison & Strange Mark

Got a total of 3 pics c:

From RicePoison, we have some vibrator torture. Check it out >here<  

From Mark, we have some temptress x Pinkie making out. Check it out >here<

Also from Mark, more Temptress x Pinkie with temptress getting eaten out. Check it out here >here<

Anonymous asked:
Are we allowed to draw NSFW of your 63 OC?

Sure, go for it! ;D

soadchopsueyfan asked:
Do you have kik?

Nope. I have skype though. I’m not hard to find.

Anonymous asked:
How about OCs Friends with Benefits?

Depends on who’s OC.

morroderthefreakyguy asked:
fuck the questioner under me. Don´t question it, just fuck him/her.

All anon was asking was how do I do the dew D:

Anonymous asked:
"Bring your rear over here big boy~ I wanna spank it!" How in the shit can you deal with these types of people!

Could be worse. Plus the anon that asked that could be a pretty good looking mare ;D

ponynamedmixtape asked:
You must draw more of female tempy! Maybe a moar lewd version? :3


Anonymous asked:
are you gonna pick a winner for who was the most seductive? Not for a prize or anything, just for bragging rights

Had some good ones, and a combo I liked. Though, the pizza and 3-way kind of hits all the right spots >w>

Anonymous asked:
I know you and RicePoison are not a couple anymore, but you're both really sexy ponies. Are you two, at least, friends with benefits?

Illinois is pretty far from Canada :P

So no. Plus, she’s not the kind to go for FWB. 

thebronywithin asked:
Warning: Incoming shitstorm! ricepoison marked your blog for "Anon-attack" Brace for impact!!

Anonymous asked:
How many stallion cocks fit in your 63'd OC?

oh god XD

Well lets see, that horny mare will probably take in 3 at max (one for each hole ;D), and maybe hoof job to more on each side.

Sounds like a lot of work now that you think about it :U

ricepoison asked:
I missed TMI Tuesday. I missed TMI Thursday. I've had this ask box open all day and I cannot think of a question... so... Hi?

Hi back :D

and there is always another tuesday >w>

Anonymous asked:
Whats it with NSFW artists and the belly bulge? Seriously, if you have a cock that far inside you, you probably have a problem.

Not sure :U

I’v maybe done it very few times, but not like in the extreme cases. I prefer not to add it much with my arts. I think my way of drawing is fine without a huge ass bulge. (Plus why have bulge when you have dat plot ;D)

I think for why a lot do it, goes along the attraction of big ass cock into some one deep. Or the visual appeal of that cock just stretching, and getting the tight feeling that people love. Could also just be a cosmetic people like to see.

Other then that, i’m meh to it (not to say it’s not possible either IRL). i’v done maybe a couple time myself, even though really it was just a slight line in the belly area.